About Us

Ana Rouche  is the founder of EYEBROWS LA

I want to tell you short story about myself and my career…My name is Anastasia Benarrouche. I am originally from Ukraine. Growing up, my only passion was drawing. Drawing  clothes and people’s faces. Even as a little girl I remember myself being obsessed with beauty and fashion.

When I came to Los Angeles I was in school to become a fashion designer.  I worked in a fashion industry for a quite some time, but after having a baby girl Mila I had to stay home for a few years. in 2016 when my daughter was 3 thats when I decided to become a PMU expert and eyebrow magician.

Now eyebrows is my passion. There is no better reward for me than to see my clients happy and satisfied. It is such a pleasure  to know that I can put a smile on someone’s face or make them be more confident about themselves. Beauty is an art. and art is the eyebrows…

… Ana Rouche